Homecoming Mum Ideas

Homecoming Mum Ideas

We wanted to start the new year by rolling out our blog. Since we didn’t know where to start, we asked owner  founder of Mums and Kisses, Shannon Hart Gonzalez to walk us through what some of the new ideas in homecoming mums were going to look like this year.

Interview with Shannon Hart Gonzalez of Mums and Kisses

Mum Factory Outlet: Thank you for agreeing to talk to us today.

Shannon: It’s my pleasure.

Mum Factory Outlet: You’ve made a ton of homecoming mums out of your boutique over the years.

Mum Factory Outlet: Yes.

Mum Factory Outlet: What is going to be the big thing this year for 2020?

Shannon: That’s a great question, and one we get every year. This year it looks like it’s going to be all about the light blue, we call “Tiffany Blue”, some animal print and plaid is still in.

Mum Factory Outlet: How can you tell what the “in” thing is going to be?

Shannon: The students let us know what’s cool. After all we’re lame moms. (laughs) So it’s the students that dictate to us what they want to see from year to year.

Mum Factory Outlet: What new homecoming mum ideas do you have for us to share?

Shannon: Every year we try to bring new styles and designs and keep the top sellers. The new idea we’re working on this year are half braids. Homecoming Mum Braids that are broken up by something cute. There’s a lot of mum makers that make braids and they’re super cool, but we’re concentrating on new items to add to mums this year.

Mum Factory Outlet: Like what?

Shannon: Like the Animal Print. Or the Hip-Pop.

Mum Factory Outlet: Are you referring to tiger print and cheetah? What’s a hip-pop?

Shannon:(Laughed) Not exactly. Although those prints have started to trend again. The  Animal Print is more about the school masots. A different type of mum than we’ve ever done before. Just like the hip-pop, which is a big change to the homecoming mum sash. We’ve also been experimenting with products not used before in mums.

Mum Factory Outlet: So Animal print mums, half braids, hip-pops and new products. That sounds wild.

Shannon: A lot of out of the box thinking this year. It’s important that we have more and more to offer the students that wear mums.

Mum Factory Outlet: You’re sort of known for your classy and blingy mums. Will you still do those type of homecoming mums?

Shannon: Of course! I think we’ll always do a classy bling mum in every size possible. But we’re expanding our company and getting in to the physical store location more as well as releasing new signature lines for our brand. The designers have really gone over the top this year and allowing that creative freedom is one of my favorite things to do.

Mum Factory Outlet: When you say your company is expanding, do you mean that Mums and Kisses will start selling more than mums?

Shannon: Oh no, we’re expanding to sell our supplies online. We’ve teamed up with y’all at Mum Factory Outlet to sell our supplies online. A step that we’re super excited about. We also have our products in more physical locations now. And we’re on track to open another next year.

Mum Factory Outlet: That’s wonderful! I’ve been wanting to ask you this, what do you think is one of the biggest myth ideas about mums?

Shannon: That mums are a Texas thing. I know we have our pride here in Texas but no. We’re up to 35% out of state orders now. And we project that in the next 2-4 years we’ll see that number to 50%.

Mum Factory Outlet: That’s amazing. Now, we’re going to be offering Mums and Kisses brand products at the Mum Factory Outlet this year. What type of new supply ideas can we look for from Mums and Kisses?

Shannon: We are thrilled to be a supplier to Mum Factory Outlet. We’re going to be introducing a few brand new supply items this year. We have a new line of homecoming mum bases called, Dum Mums™ we’re introducing these as an easy way for Do-It-Yourself customers to make their own mums. It’s sort of an upgraded mum base to the current ones in the market currently. This will be the 1st year for the Dum Mums™ so we’re super excited. 

Mum Factory Outlet: A Dum Mum, that is one hilarious name.

Shannon: That’s what we’ve been calling them in the workshop for years and it just sort of stuck. 

Mum Factory Outlet: I love it! Well Shannon I want to thank you so much for letting us pick your brain. We can’t wait to read your annual 25 best trends article.

Shannon: Oh thank you so much. It will be out in June this year. 

Mum Factory Outlet: We wait for it every year. One last question, how did the top 25 trends list start?

Shannon: The Top 25 hottest homecoming mums trends of…whatever year, started in… I think in 2012? We kept hearing the kids talk about things like, wouldn’t it be cool if next year… So we started to write them down, and the next thing we knew, it was a thing. Now people come into the store and tell us they agree or disagree with the list and boom, the next year’s list starts all over again.

Mum Factory Outlet: Thank you so much Shannon. We look forward to all the new ideas from Mums and Kisses this year.

Shannon: Thank you for having me.

A big thank you to Shannon Hart Gonzalez and her crew at Mums and Kisses. You can visit Mums and Kisses online at mumsandkisses.com and at their main retail location, 3708 County Road 920 Crowley, Texas 76036 and another inside the Blue Butterfly Boutique in Glen Rose Texas.

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