Homecoming Mum Supply List

You’re looking to make a homecoming mum? You’ve watched all the videos, read all the “how to” you’re about to go to the store and you’re thinking, okay, now what do I REALLY need?

First, forget going to the store. everything you’ll need is here and can be ordered online and shipped to your door. No more taking three trips to the craft store to finish. We even offer homecoming mum bases for those that want the mum already made and you just want to decorate it.

homecoming mum base - assorted colors - assorted sizes

For those that would like to make their mums from scratch, Here’s everything you need to make a Single Mum 30″ long – With links to where you can buy some of the items.

Homecoming Mum Supply List:

3Mum Backers 6″
1Mum Flower (silk/artificial) 6 1/2 Inches
9Yards of 1 1/2″ Ribbon (usually acetate, sometimes satin)
3Yards of 2 1/2 ribbon (your choice for mum head)
3Yards of 7/8 ribbon (your choice for mum head)
1Pipe cleaner (chenille stem)
1Stapler with staples
1Hot glue gun with glue sticks (about 6 sticks)
2Homecoming Mum Braids
1Homecoming Mum Loop with Stickers
2Name stickers or cut letters
10+Activity décor, garland and trinkets
*Optional items: Boa, centerpiece, lights, multi type ribbon
1Neck strap for wearing around the neck
2 hrs2 Hours to make if you’re doing it alone and especially if it’s your 1st times.

Supply List By The Mum Factory Outlet

Mum Factory Outlet
Homecomng Mum Supplies – Unique and hard to find supplies to make your homecoming mum pop!

Homecoming Mum Supplies, the best DIY-ers use the best supplies. Now we’ve all seen the normal mums, the flower, some streamers and charm trinkets. No, Not this year! This year you have a different alternative! Mum Factory Outlet brings new custom supplies to the hands of the general public. What used to be only for the professionals is now available to all!

This is a game changer in the world of Homecoming Mums! Before you were limited to what Hobby Lobby had in stock. Not anymore. Now you can use all the pretties, all the bling, the decorated bears, those cool letters you couldn’t ever find, the BIG boas and the mum centerpieces too!

Custom handmade supplies without having to go store to store, Etsy product by Etsy product to finally find what you’re looking for, All in one jungle of a supply site!

The biggest question we get is… “do you sell supplies for mum makers?” The answer – That depends on 3 things:

  1. The order quantity,
  2. When the order is placed.
  3. Which product you’d like.

The order quantity is based on our production schedule, the order placed must allow time for us to make each piece and not all products are offered  at this time. For more information on bulk ordering see our buy in bulk  page

Thanks to one of our retailers,  Mums and Kisses,  we are now able to produce the classy supplies you’ve been looking for. Mums and Kisses is known for their luxury high class mum designs. Now the supplies they make, can be yours! Shhh! They’re limited. What does that mean? That means not everyone will get supplies, making the mum you make more exclusive and more unique!

Why do we limit our products? Because right now, mass production isn’t where we want to be. If everyone uses the same supplies, pretty soon everyone has the same mum and who wants that? It’s your one chance per year to stand out!

We hope you like what you see and remember, buy it when you see it because it may not be there next time and there’s no more until next year!

Have a great Homecoming Season from Mum Factory Outlet!

Mum Factory Outlet
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