What is the tradition of homecoming mums?

What is the tradition of homecoming mums?

What is the tradition of homecoming mums? Homecoming Mums have been around since at least the 1930’s. From what we can tell, it was a tradition that began at the University of Missouri. A boy gave his homecoming date a chrysanthemum with a ribbon bow and the rest, as they say, is history. homecoming mum tradition

Over the years, the question, what is the tradition of homecoming mums is asked every year. As new high schoolers begin their mum years, or as out of staters move in to “mum territory” they find out that the tradition of homecoming mums are no longer a mum and a ribbon bow but a huge affair.

So how did we get here? The 1st answer is that Texas got involved. Now understand, it’s a big debate amongst mum makers that only Texas does homecoming mum. From the owner of Mums and Kisses, Shannon Gonzalez, this is a myth. ” We have shipped to almost every state at least once over the years. Some are Texas transplants to other states, and some are regions that indeed have it’s own homecoming mum tradition. We have learned that there are schools in Oregon, Colorado, Georgia and North Carolina that also do homecoming mums. We’re happy we’re not the only ones!”

If you’re asking what is the tradition of homecoming mums in my area? That can very from school to school, but the real answer is probably whatever you want it to be. Now days, the tradition is bigger and more unlimiting that ever. In many regions, students start mums in elementary schools. Some don’t start till high school.

The size also varies from region to region but the size is up to the wearer in most cases. Every year the size of the mums and garters seem to grow. They get huge! So why not go big! This tradition only happens once per year.

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