Support Ticket System New in 2023

Dear Mum Factory Outlet Customers,

Although we love to talk to our customers via email and other means, unfortunately we have decided for the quickest response and for our teams mental health it is better that we switch to a support ticket system beginning in 2023. 

During the last few years our team has done it’s very best to answer and keep up with the flood of orders. Although sincerely grateful for the orders our support team has been abused, treated badly and even threatened with violence. Why some think this behavior is okay, it is not. We would rather refund a bad customer than put up with the abuse they think a little money entitles them to. Just because someone is our customer never gives them the right of heinous treatment. 

The “parking lot” mentality will not fly at Mum Factory Outlet. The parking lot mentality is that of those who walk out of a large store with no regards for the traffic outside and simply walk head first into it excpecting all the cars to stop for them. And in about 5 minutes those same people that walked outside will now be in their cars leaving the store and upset at other people that walk head first into traffic. Something they themselves just did to other 5 minutes before. The entitlement culture does not dictate our business. 

Therefore anyone becoming rude with our staff, belligerent, name calling, cursing or threatening will result in no refund and their goods not being sent. 

“You can’t get away with that”.

But we can.

Under the federal trade commission “The United States has no federal laws saying that stores must give customers a refund.” If a store has a policy and can prove the customer was in violation of the store’s policy the store has a right to both refuse service and no to refund under their own store policy. The customer chooses to pay for a service, but the customers bad attitude can violate the store’s policy resulting in refusal of services as well as funds not refunded.

Meaning by purchasing from Mum Factory Outlet we agree to play nice and so do our customers. Deal?

With that being said, a support ticket system allows us to document as well as our camera system in house when a customer says something wasn’t as it was supposed to be. We are fully ready to back up our integrity and fairness as we do business. 

Lastly, our new policy on fairness also notes that we will begin to report bad customers as well. Reviews are no longer just for reviewing a company’s customer service but also there are new review companies that report bad customers.

Karens Beware.

Mum Factory Outlet
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