What Supplies Do I Need To Make A Homecoming Mum?

What Supplies Do I Need To Make a Homecoming Mum?


When making your own homecoming mum, the supplies you choose are going to make or break the wow factor of your mum. Whether you are a professional, a mom or a student. Making a mum can be a rewarding experience or a daunting task. Either way, we’re going to give you the list of supplies you’ll need to make you homecoming mum. But first things first. We’ll need to establish a few things before you head off with your supply list. The first thing is,

The Budget

Spending matters to most of us, so let’s start there. How much is in your budget will determine the list of supplies. When you ask yourself, What supplies do I need to make a homecoming mum, 1st ask, what am I going to make? And then ask, how much do I want to spend?

Let’s start with an age group of the student to determine the size. If we’re talking about a middle school student, thinking normal 6.5″ size is fine. Maybe a single mum. We’re talking about:

Cheap – $45 to 50

Decent – $50 to $90

Extra Nice – $95+

Of course these prices will depend on 1. Where are you buying from, 2. Are you using a premade base or from scratch and 3. How much you add to it.

If we’re talking about a high school mum then we’ve got choices. Are we making a heart shaped, a diamond, is this for a senior? etc. Set your budget because you’ll usually need to spend at least $125 to make a cheap to decent one.

Now let’s move on to the list and answer the big question, What Supplies Do I Need To Make A Homecoming Mum?

Homecoming Mum Supply List

– Single Homecoming Mum

  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Stapler
  • Staples
  • 6.5″ Mum Flower
  • 3 or 4 Round Backers 6″
  • Ribbon for Streamers – Acetate or Satin – 10 yards
  • Ribbon for mum head 5 yards
  • Homecoming Braids 1-4
  • Imprint Ribbon (says the school name, grade, homecoming etc) 4-6 yards
  • Homecoming Garland (usually an activity, band, baseball etc)
  • Trinkets (again in an activity or grade) 6-15 trinkets
  • Neck strap / necklace to wear it.
  • Specialty Ribbon to fill it up
  • Feather Boa (optional)
  • Lights (optional)
  • Centerpiece for the mum flower
  • Stickers for names
  • Extras that make the mum personalized.

What Supplies Do I Need To Make A Homecoming Mum? And Where To Get the Supplies

Now that you have the list, where do you get all this stuff from? We have compiled a list of our favorites for you but essentially the choice is up to you. Click each title to see where to get the supply.

Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

The Cordless Glue Gun by Surebond. Find it on Amazon here:

Mum Factory Favorites – Cordless Glue Gun

Why we love it: Since it’s cordless you don’t have to fight the cord, It gets hot and does a great job but it’s not industrial hot that if you accidently get glue on your hand you usually won’t be in the hospital for 1st degree burns.

Glue Sticks that work with the Surebond Glue Gun here:

Mum Factory Favorites – Glue Stick

Stapler & Staples

Homecoming Supply List - What Supplies Do I Need To Make A Homecoming Mum?

Pilar Stapler by Bostich. Get it here

Mum Factory Favorites – Stapler

Why We Love It: This stapler really gets in there when you’re trying to get the mum flower in and especially when you’re closing the mum. This is the stapler we’ve used for years.

Staples for this staple are not the standard staples. You”ll need these:

Mum Factory Favorites – Staples

Mum Flower & Backers

The 6.5″ Mum Flower with 22 Layers. Find it here: Mum Flower 6.5″

The 6.5″ Mum Flower with 22 Layer.

Find it here:

Mum Flower 6.5″

Why we love it: These are the fluffiest flower in the industry, larger in diameter as well and sometimes we can pass off the 7.5″ flower for a 9″ flower and go for the larger backer but not paying the 9″ mum flower price.

Why we love it: These are 3 to a pack and are sturdy, not to thin not to thick. They’re a staple in the mum industry when making a single mum.

Find them here Round Mum Backer 3 Pack

Look for more supplies on mumfactoryoutlet.com

Thank you for reading our, What Supplies Do I Need To Make A Homecoming Mum?

Mum on!

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