Homecoming Mum Supplies – Are They All The Same?

When making or buying homecoming mum supplies, there are more choices than ever, but are they all the same? We dive into what the difference in supplies are and when the best time to buy them are.


So, you’re a mum maker. Great! You’ll need an arsenal of supplies, but when you go to stock up your homecoming mum supplies – are they all the same?

The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. Let’s explain.

Mum Flowers

Many times when buying mum flowers, it’s the 1st supply you’ll source. But here is one example where supplies are NOT the same. You see the mum flower across the board have different layers, textures, sizes and prices. They are definitely different. The mum flower you might buy at hobby lobby vs a mum supplier are going to have their differences. Here’s what to look for:


  • Size: The mum flower may say 6.5″ for example but is it really? Size SHOULD mean diameter, how big around it is. But many aren’t quite. Homecoming mum supplies - are they all the same?
  • Why should this matter? – When we go to make a mum we use backers based on size as well. If we were to buy a package of backers for a package of flowers, and the flowers diameter is not true to size, you’ll have 100 backers for flowers that won’t fit.


The feel of the mum you make matters. After all, they’re like clothes, they’re worn. You don’t want to pick a material for streamers that is going to poke or scratch the wearer. Some ribbon materials that are often used.

  • Satin Ribbon. The double faced makes a smooth backing for the wearer. If you can find a good price. 
  • Acetate Ribbon. It’s probably the most commonly used but is usually only available online or at homecoming mum stores. It can give a paper cut, so be careful!
  • Polyester Ribbon is a good choice too. With it’s shiny finish and soft exterior, it makes a great choice. The firmer texture the better.


The decor is what makes you mum pop. There are many options and the 2 most popular are braids and trinkets. Both can be added in bulk on to a mum to make it look like the pros. Braids can be found along with trinkets online or at a homecoming mum shop. Don’t forget the garland too!’

Be Leery

The dollar stores are a thought when creating you mum but be leery of cheap look material. You don’t want to put in hours of effort just for it to look cheaply made. And you also want to be leery of low-quality ribbon that make break.


In Conclusion

The possibilities are endless but homecoming mum supplies – are they all the same? No, definitely not. 




We compare supplies and see if there is a difference.

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