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Who We Are

Mum Factory Outlet is a supplier of decorated and hard to find homecoming mum supplies. We gather the best of the best in unique and beautiful supplies from around the world. Open to the public, we are a retailer of seasonal goods specializing in homecoming mum supplies, homecoming ribbon and Homecoming Mum Supplies in Bulk.

Many of our products are limited quantities. Making them even more exclusive and hard to find and making your homecoming mum even more unique. With our supplies, you will not have the same mum as everyone else in your school. We have pioneered this unique niche and are so very excited to bring our customers the best of the best.

We specialize in mum supplies that the pros use and put them in the hands of the public on a large scale.

We buy the best brands from the best supplier from around the world. Our job is to scout out the new, the weird, the cool, the trendy, the out of the way places that make the best items to put onto your mum so that our customers don’t have to hunt and worry, going from store to store. We also ensure that our suppliers are buying their supplies from the highest quality vendors they can find to produce superior products.

Most of our supplies are handmade, making each one so very unique. We’ve asked the best makers, crafters, designers and wholesalers to help us create this new niche in homecoming mums.

Our Beginning

When we first began we wanted to offer more than just homecoming charms and trinkets, more than just ribbon. We wanted to offer those awesome pieces that really make a mum memorable. With the wave of DIYers, we knew we were on to something. Some of the best mum makers on the planet now are our supply customers or have become our suppliers, lending us their creations and we are so honored.

Our Goal

We wanted to offer more than what’s in every mum or craft store. As students make mums for more than just their high school years, every year they encountered, the same supplies, the same things. We wanted to go beyond that and offer more!

Who We’re Not

We do not make homecoming mums, only premade bases. We do not currently accept custom orders. And we do not currently accept requests for colors, words or other outfits for bears etc.

We hope you enjoy making your mum and we hope we can help you with making a memory.

Mum Factory Outlet is an independently entity owned by private LLC.