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Why it’s important

Organizing into departments not only helps you find more of what you’re looking for but it also puts the top categories in one place. Making shopping faster and less frustrating.

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By using the “shop all” button customers are able to see not only our top categories but also our best sellers, most popular products as well.

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Whether you choose to shop by category or by shop all, we want you to find the products you need, your way.

Searching for the right one.

We know sometimes it’s hard to find the right product but we hope you take your time and dive in slowly. There is much to see but many products are missed when browsing too quickly. Also, the most important utility supplies are often over looked for the more fun items. Remember to get your basics or bases first then move on to the cool stuff.

Do you have a list?

Having a list can help you make sure you get everything you need. First, it also helps to keep you on budget if you need to watch those pennies. Secondly, a list can determine the size, budget and items needed. Thaat way, when you’re ready to assemble you’re not missing anything.


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