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Buy in Bulk

Need to buy homecoming mum supplies in bulk? We can do that.

We offer 3 different programs to buy in bulk. Here’s how it works:Buy in Bulk Homecoming Mum Supplies

Buy in Bulk for Resellers, Schools, Teams, Organizations and Corporations. Please note, we are not a wholesaler, however our deep discounts may, at times, be lower during our PreBuy sales every March. We manufacture a few of our own products as well, keeping prices lower than others.

How it works:

  1. If you’re looking for product quantities of 20 and under, we can do that all year round for most products.
  2. Check the product page of the item you’re interested in. Each item that has a bulk discount will show a table with price breaks at different quantities.
  3. Choose your quantity and add to cart.
  4. If you need quantities over 50 or more, for some items we can accommodate and others we will need time to create. We will let you know if the item you chose needs extra time.


PreBuy is a sale we offer once per year for 15 days Usually held in March, we offer the deepest discounts of the year. You can get a load of mum supplies then as well. However, when PreBuy is over the prices go back to where they were. The best way to know when PreBuy is, is to subscribe to our newsletter. It will tell you when the sale will begin. Signup here.

We encourage you to Buy In Bulk when you can as sometimes stock is limited or sells out quickly. Some products are limited supply. Also note that we stay open year round to accommodate our customers that use our supplies for other things like wreaths, graduation decorations and even Christmas ribbon. We ship daily as well. Our cutoff times are usually 1pm. In the off season you can get your supplies much faster. During the months of August to November, which is our peak times, shipping and processing times may vary.

We thank you for your interest in bulk buying and hope it helps you save money.