Editor In Chief for Mum Factory Outlet

Who is the Editor-in-Chief?

The Editor-in-Chief of Mum Factory Outlet’s highly successful Mum Maker Magazine is a mystery to all. No one is quite sure who they are but we have been given clues.

Here’s what we know:

The following clues are the only facts we have from some of their previous writings.

  • They are on the down low so much so that their family members do not know they write as Editor-in-Chief
  • They currently are a highly successful fixture in the crafting world.
  • They are NOT a Mum Factory Outlet employee. Only one person knows who they are in order to allow them to post on the Mum Maker Magazine.
  • Their skills have made them one of the top independent sellers of homecoming mums of all time. according to a published crafting association.
  • They do NOT have a Facebook group.
  • They do not want to be the center of attention nor do they hunt fame in the mum or craft world, and prefer to humbly counsel others.
  • They have made 6 figures in the industry year after year.
  • They are under the age of 60.
  • They do have children.
  • They have guest posted on other websites that were featured on ABC News, NBC News, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Bloomberg.

What we don’t know:

  • Why this successful person wants to remain in the shadows.
  • How they’re advice works so well!
  • Why they aren’t teaching classes.
  • Their gender.
  • And much more we don’t know.

Although we would love to know more, it’s important to note that the Editor-in-Chief wants to remain anonymous and feels they can help others a lot better without their name behind them. They ask for privacy, and that is what Mum Factory Outlet provides. 

We at Mum Factory Outlet are overly honored to have them as Editor-in-Chief of Mum Maker Magazine. 


Although Mum Factory Outlet and Mum Maker Magazine continue to give interviews to the press, the Editor-in-Chief does not. However they, at times, will guest blog when asked and if the subject reflects their knowledge. To contact please write to Editorinchief@mumfactoryoutlet.com


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