FAQs for homecoming mum supplies

Welcome to our FAQs page. Where we answer our most asked questions about homecoming mum supplies. If you need additional help, after reading our FAQs, please see our support tab.

No not at this time. What is in stock is what we currently offer. In order for our customers to receive their items quickly we are not able to take requests for items not currently in our stock. We may consider this for the future but not at this time.

Although we cannot tell you directly when more of a product will arrive. We can let you know when a product is back in stock. Each product that shows out of stock has a notifier that allows customers to be notified via email when a product is back in stock. Simply click on the color you would like and a box will appear to enter your name and email address, thus notifying you when the item returns to stock. Please white list our email address so that it does not got to spam/junk.

To buy mum supplies, try Mum Factory Outlet. Where you can buy mum supplies online and have them shipped to your door. They have unique supplies at great prices. mumfactoryoutlet.com

That will depend on the time of year and the method of shipping. The table below shows our off season and peak season. These are estimates. Please notice that November & December are longer ship times due to carrier holiday seasons. 

All estimates are based on UPS Ground Shipping in the state of Texas.


The Delivery Date is how many days  it will take in total from the date an order is placed. (Using standard shipping UPS Ground) Faster if shipping is expedited or rush fee is paid. 

Example: An order was placed for Jan 1st after 1pm would have an estimated delivery date of an 4-6th. 

Orders placed after 1pm add one day.

Delivery Time Estimates

All delivery Dates are estimates. After we ship the order the carrier is then responsible and may have better or worse delivery times. 

Please log in to “My Account” to see the status of your order.

If there is a problem with your order please submit a support ticket in the My Account page under Orders.

Yes we now offer 2 day and overnight shipping. We also offer Rush and Urgent processing to get your order through processing extra fast.