Free Shipping

Free shipping over $125

What is the Minimum

Free shipping over $125 is for all customers available all year with the exclusion of PreBuy.

]The Details

The minimum $125 must be the subtotal before shipping and before coupons are used. Free shipping is automatically triggered when these minimums are met. There is no need for a coupon. 

You may use valid coupons (if offered) in order to save even more, however the $125 limit must then be reached as a subtotal.

Not Eligible

During the yearly PreBuy is not eligible for free shipping discounts as the deep discounts and no sales tax is already applied. 

We use a flat shipping rate when shipping must be paid. In Texas has one flat rate that outside of Texas has another.

New – We also will combine shipping if we see that a customer has ordered twice in the same day. We will even combine shipping cost for customers that ordered on one platform then came to our website and ordered again. We will issue store credit for shipping refunds.

Shipping Expedites 

Expedited shipping is available for 2 day and “fast shipping”. Choose whichever method is fastest to reach you for the amount paid. Usually this is an express or overnight service and you should expect your item in 1-2 days for this expedited service. 

Knowing and  understanding that your order needs to reach you quickly because homecoming is a time sensitive event, we do our best but do not guarantee any shipping times as the carrier is in charge of that.

We hope you enjoy your free shipping!

Happy Shopping!