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Important Notice 2023

Important Notice 2023

Dear Customers, Business Owners and Friends,

We here at Mum Factory Outlet want to personally thank you all for allowing us to have a successful 2022 season. This is not the typical company letter telling you that we are going to raise prices, quite the opposite.

We know that times are getting tough economically across the U.S. we feel it too. We are taking every step possible to keep our prices about the same. We have begun our off season and our 1st line of work has been to change up our suppliers. We have some awesome suppliers, it’s apparent in the quality products we provide. But it’s not enough.

We have to keep our prices at a price that is fair to all. On that note, we are working closely with our two top suppliers, Mums and Kisses and Party Spirit to bring MORE products to you, and to LOWER the cost of some of our products. And we will apologize in advance for the products we will have to raise, but not many. You’ll start to see these changes in the early Spring 2023.

We are also looking at bulk buy pricing tiers and lowing the cost to do business for all across the homecoming mum industry. By going to new areas, traveling both in the states and abroad to allow businesses to get products they normally couldn’t get at a price they would make some real profit on. We are in talks to combine forces with a heavy weight in the industry. By joining forces both companies can work together to keep your costs down. We will keep you posted on this development into late 2023.

We also want to announce that we will be offering between 150-300 NEW products in 2023. We have listened to our customers and understand that they not only want more but they want more for less. 

Mum Factory Outlet will also be opening up to new supplier registrations soon. If your mum business makes a supply that you think would be a great addition to the Factory, please watch for new supplier registration on our website. Any mum maker in the industry that meets the qualifications can become a supplier.

We want to continue what we are doing and sell retail and in bulk pricing. Although we are asked daily to offer wholesale pricing we have not stepped into that arena as of yet. 

One last thing, we are glad to see so many mum makers joining the industry every year, and sad to see others retire. We want to encourage fair industry pricing, without undercutting, and promote caution in regard to scam sales of your original content.

We here at Mum Factory Outlet wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a prosperous New Year and we hope you’re excited to see what 2023 brings! 


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