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Is Texas the only state that does homecoming mums?

Is Texas the only state that does homecoming mums?

Is Texas the only state that does homecoming mums?
Texas Traditional Homecoming Mum

The short answer is no, Texas isn’t the only state that does homecoming mums. There are several schools across the country that do have homecoming mum traditions, but Texas is the biggest followers of the tradition. Many in other states haven’t heard of the homecoming mum, but there are schools in Oregon, Georgia, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Colorado that are regions that order homecoming mum supplies yearly for certain school.

The Homecoming Mum Tradition

The tradition is expanding every year. With more and more students liking the tradition and with Texas natives that move out of state seem to help start the tradition in other parts of the country. In North Dakota in the early 2010’s there was an oil boom that brought a lot of Texas oil field workers to the state. With that their families came along and brought the tradition to parts of Dickinson, North Dakota. Where now there is a large following of students that do homecoming mums as their tradition.

Do we really need to have a tradition to wear something cool? No way! Homecoming mums show school spirit and individuality, which is the best part! So why not! Start a tradition in your school if you like. Be the inspiration that starts something new for your school.

Did you move away from Texas?

If you happen to be a Texas natives that had to move away, call your favorite Texas mum maker and have them ship you and your new squad some homecoming mums and see the reaction you get wearing them to school and the game! What a trend setter! To be the founder of mums in your school, and start a tradition, now that is something for others to remember you for!

Texas didn’t start the tradition and no Texas isn’t the only state that does homecoming mums, but the Texans are the main group keeping it alive!

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