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At times there’s just not enough space to answer questions, add additional product info etc to the Etsy listing. Here we answer your most ask questions. We also encourage you to check out the same products on our website, (they are probably cheaper here) because there’s no Etsy fees to pay. Here we show Mum Factory Outlet Etsy – FAQ. See our help section if you have more questions.

Next, Our Products on Etsy – General

We have narrowed our color selection on several of our products to 38 assorted color combinations. The primary colors are Black. White Silver, Gold. The secondary color has more color choices.
Usually no, we are trying to restrict our color choice so that we may make as many things in advance of mum season resulting in a faster ordering experience for our customers.


Yes on our website we do, we now have to be selective about what we offer on Etsy because their fees with ads are now as high as 25.37% fee for smaller items. On our website you’ll find not only more to choose from but cheaper than on Etsy, we pass the 25.37% that we save in fees on to our customers.


Shipping Questions

There is a timeline on Etsy, and we stick to that pretty closely. The date range for delivery is accurate in most cases. If you need your order faster, read on to the next question on how to get your order faster.
Yes you can 2 ways:
  • 1st – Rush fee listing.

We offer a rush fee listing on Etsy. This is a PROCESSING FEE. It is not a shipping expediting fee. This rush fee shaves off the processing time to make the order in house. It can speed up your delivery date by 1-2 days during the OFF SEASON and up to 3-5 days off your order during PEAK SEASON.

Even Faster Service

  • 2nd – If you need your order in 2-3 days then you must place your order on OUR WEBSITE and choose our rush fee AND upgrade your shipping. This will put your order in front of all orders and shipping will be via UPS in most cases.

Most times, you will save 25-40% more by ordering on our site vs Etsy.

We no longer offer a expedited shipping method on Etsy for two reasons:
  • 1st they charge us a 5% fee on shipping charges and when a customer makes their order $35 or more and qualifies for free shipping on Etsy, the shipping method offers ALL methods of shipping.
  • The customer gets free overnight shipping and we’re stuck with the shipping costs. 
Peak Season for us is:
  • August 1st through October 15th.

 Allow 3-5 business days for shipping (customized items add 3-5 additional business days unless rush fee is paid)
  • Off Season is October 16th through July 31st.

Allow 1-2 business days for shipping (customized items add 3-5 additional business days unless rush fee is paid)

  • Christmas & New Years – We stop shipping for From December 18th through January 3rd in order to observe the holidays.

Processing Questions

This is the time we need to make the order. We make a lot of our products by hand. 3-5 processing days are used on items such as decals, designer ribbon, dressed bears, and sometimes on mum bases. We try to limit this time by making items in advance of our peak season, but if we run out we have to go back to making them from scratch.
On Etsy we ship via USPS (post office) on our website we ship via UPS. If shipping via USPS is a problem for you please place your order on our website.
On Etsy, orders over $35 are free shipping.

Color Questions

Not at this time. We offer 4 primary colors and several secondary colors. there are a total of 38 color combinations to choose from.
We use baby pink as our pink. As of November 2022 the baby pink will be the only pink we will offer moving forward.
The senior “all white mum” is actually white and silver. If that is the reason you’re asking for all white, please choose the white and silver combo. All black is not available.
On many ribbon there is a metal color, gold/ silver etc. If we to have to use ribbon with a metalic we will use what

Savings – Coupons & Discounts

We do not have wholesale capabilities. We do sell in bulk however and have prebuy sales for mum makers and those wanting to purchase in bulk. Please join our newsletter to see when our prebuys begin.
Some customers come at us like a yard sale. We don’t do negotiations however you will notice that our items are cheaper on our website than we offer 25% off on Etsy.
Because it is. Etsy’s fee to SELL is 6% but that’s not ALL of their fees. Watch this… Item on Etsy price $35 (automatic free shipping) Our Cost – Etsy Fees 22.79% + shipping + our cost to make = forget about it. Etsy’s Real Fees Listing fee $0.20+ Transaction fee 5% + Payment processing fee 6.5% plus 12% advertising fee.

Just a Few of Our Products

Some may surprise you, they’re cheaper here than on Etsy! Take a look!

6.5″ Mum Flower 15 Layers – White
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7.5″ Homecoming Mum Flower 21 Layers – White
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7.5″ Mum Flower 21 Layers – White ACI
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homecoming mum ribbon blue
Acetate Ribbon 2 1/2″ – Mum Ribbon
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Homecoming mum supplies navy honeycomb
Honeycomb Ribbon 3 1/4 – Navy
Select options
Homecoming mum supplies
Honeycomb Ribbon 3 1/4 – Champagne Gold
Select options
Rosegold Honeycomb
Honeycomb Ribbon 3 1/4 – Rosegold
Select options
Cheer Captain Homecoming Mum Supplies
Cheer Captain Decal
Select options
Designer Ribbon – With Activity
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7.5″ Mum Flower 21 Layers – White ACI
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6.5″ Mum Flower 15 Layers – White ACI
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Single Homecoming Mum 6.5′′ – Assorted Colors
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Lastly, Mum Factory Outlet Etsy – FAQ

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