2023 PreBuy begins 45 days, 22h, 31min, 54s

Our Best Sale Of The Year is The Mum Factory Outlet PreBuy. March 15th-March 30th 2023

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Mum Factory Outlet 3rd Annual PreBuy  March 15th -30th 2023 

Our deepest discounts of the year happens on time a year. Get Ready!

This year we will have:

  • DIAMOND DUST Silver Gold AND Introducing a New Color in Diamond Dust!
  • New Mum Flowers! Never before seen flowers, the Fullest Flowers in the Industry at a Super Discount.
  • Sheets of Bling Letters –  letters you always run out of. How about a Sheet of Rhinestone A’s? N’s perhaps?
  • Honeycomb – We got it!
  • Paw Print Bling – It’s Back!
  • Football Ribbon Yard Line  – the classic kind is here.

That’s just a couple of hints, but there will be more. Have we got your attention yet?

Learn more about our Prebuys below.

Our PreBuys are becoming legendary. It is the only time of the year that we sell in bulk, at deeper discounts that wholesale. 

Our PreBuy is open to all. No wholesale certificate needed. 

  • Mum Maker Groups
  • Cheer Squads
  • Classrooms
  • Teams
  • Peewee Associations
  • Parents
  • Individual Mum Makers
  • Hobbyists

Are just a few examples. Anyone that wants to save money really.


We run them for 15 days only. When it’s over it’s over. 

There’s a few things.

  • Be prepared to buy a lot because the more you order the lower your price is.
  • No Coupons needed.
  • No Tax. We do not charge sales tax on Pre-Buy Items
  • But we do charge shipping. Free Shipping is not avaialble during PreBuy. Most shipping prices are $12.99
  • Buy between March 15th and the 30th.
  • The sale will end on March 30th at 11:59pm CST
  • Not all items on the website are part of the PreBuy, only those marked in the PreBuy Category.
  • Prices will change to retail pricing when the sale is over. (BUT we may surprise you and throw a smaller sale right before season.)

Sure! You can get your squad together and purchase at once. The benefit of this is getting more by pooling your money together and splitting the products but better because you don’t have to meet a manufactures minimum. Just designate one person to be the “dealer” and make the purchase.

If you were able to read our “Important Notice” you’ll see that we’ve been working with our suppliers since November to lower the prices. This year the prices will be lower than last March by about 45%. 

Because let’s face it. If we keep raising the prices we’re all going to price ourselves out of a job. If supplies keep rising the parents will let this tradition die and decide food is more important this year than homecoming. So we’re doing something about it. It’s time to let parents breathe and let mum makers make some actual money.

Our PreBuys work on a quantity-based discount. There are set amounts and price breaks at different quantities.

The lead times on items are 3-6 weeks. Some items are already in stock and some will take 3-6 weeks to arrive. This is a LOT faster than waiting 3-6 MONTHS.

  • Tell your mum friends, groups squads etc and make a plan.
  • Join our Newsletter to get the button to buy.
  • The PreBuy items will show on the website when the PreBuy begins. 
  • Clear a space out in your mum room to receive the goods. 
  • Take a count of what you have and what you’ll need.