Homecoming Mum Supplies for all your mum making needs.

All homecoming mum supplies to make a homecoming mum are the highest quality at affordable prices.

All homecoming mum supplies to make a homecoming mum are the highest quality at affordable prices. Homecoming mums are a cherished tradition, especially in Texas, where they’re an integral part of homecoming spirit days at school. Let’s hop into the wild world of homecoming mum supplies and see everything you need to make these festive accessories. Homecoming Mum Supplies: A Comprehensive Guide 1. Flowers and Ribbons Mum Flowers: These are the focal point of your mum. Choose from various sizes, colors, and styles. White, silver, and metallic hues are popular. Ribbon: Wide, glittery ribbons form the base of your mum. They come in team colors, metallic shades, and patterns. 2. Braids and Loops Braids: These decorative strands add volume and texture. Opt for metallic braids or themed ones (e.g., sports-themed braids). Loops: Create loops using ribbon or metallic strands. They add flair and movement to your mum. 3. Charms and Trinkets Charms: Attach small charms related to your interests or hobbies. Footballs, cheer megaphones, or musical notes are great choices. Trinkets: Miniature sports equipment, stars, or glittery shapes enhance your mum’s visual appeal. 4. Backer Card and Baseboard Backer Card: A sturdy backing for your mum. You can buy pre-cut ones or create custom shapes. Baseboard: The foundation of your mum. It provides stability and structure. 5. Bells and Bling Bells: Tiny bells add a delightful jingle to your mum. Attach them strategically. Bling: Rhinestones, sequins, and glitter give your mum a glamorous touch. 6. Teddy Bears and Mascots Teddy Bears: Attach small bears to your mum. They’re adorable and add a personal touch. Mascots: If your school has a mascot, incorporate it into your design. 7. Adjustable Neck Straps Neck Straps: Essential for wearing your mum comfortably. Opt for adjustable ones. Where to Find Supplies: Mums and Kisses: A store in Crowley, Texas, offering custom mums, garters, and a wide range of supplies1. Mum Factory Outlet: They offer homecoming mum supplies shipped to your door.