2023 Homecoming begins -59 days, -20h, -48min, -24s

Mum Flowers

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Homecoming Mum Flowers

Homecoming Mum Supplies

  • Homecoming Mum Flower 6.5 – Mum Factory Outlethomecoming mum supplies - mum flowers
  • 6.5″ Mum Flower 15 Layers – White
  • Football Mum – Football Garter flower.
  • Standard Mum Flower Size.
  • We offer more flowers in different sizes here.

For the Homecoming Mum Flower 15 Layers – White, we recommend stemming your mum with a pipe cleaner / chenille stem before gluing it down to the backer to prevent mum layer springing during wear.

The 6.5″ Mum Flower 15 Layers – White is standard Homecoming Mum and garter flowers are a tradition across the U.S. and especially bigger in Texas. This is the very base, of the homecoming mum or garter. Without it, it’s just ribbon! There are different sizes and shapes and even colors to choose from.  Customers aren’t restricted to just white. Your homecoming flower can be any color or size.

Choosing Quality Homecoming Products.

Importantly, choosing a quality product to start with is very important to the overall look of your football garter or mum. Beginning with quality products makes for a beautiful end result. We look all year long to bring our customers the highest quality mum supplies from all over the world. One of our biggest suppliers is Mums and Kisses, they’re products stand out for originality as well as craftmanship.

First, If you would like your products considered, please write to us and tell us why you’d like to be a supplier and what items you make. We would be happy to take a look and perhaps include your items in our catalog.

Second, The wild world of hoco mums is spreading! Every year there are more and more makers and more and more children getting one or more. Remember, each school has their own colors and traditions. It’s not the same across the board. For example, some schools the seniors do not do white. Moreover, some schools don’t have them in high school they only have them in elementary. However, a tradition is what you make it in the end. Finally, prepare for season as soon as possible. This helps reduce the stress during school starting and football season.

Lastly, Hoco only comes once per year so make it a great one!