2022 Homecoming Season Ends -15 days, -9h, -27min, -50s

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PreBuy is a once per year event! Where we sell bulk mum supplies at deeper discounts. You can save more money during this event than any other time during the year. For 2022 our PreBuy will begin: January 20th until stock is gone!

Each item included in the PreBuy will have a table that shows the discounts offered at each bulk bracket. Each bulk bracket has different pricing based on quantity ordered.  Example 3 rolls of ribbon may be $5 each but 15 rolls may be $3 each. The more you buy the more you save. This event will end when stock is out! Some items sell out in a matter of days, act quickly. We will not hold items. Go Ahead, Snoop Around!

-Bulk Discount Items-

Click on a product to see the bulk discount table.