Homecoming Mum Accessories

Here are some great accessories for homecoming mums:

mum supply for homecoming



  • Variety of Widths: Use different widths and textures (satin, glitter, metallic).
  • School Colors: Incorporate your school colors for added spirit.


  • Personalized Charms: Include initials, names, or school mascots.
  • Themed Charms: Add charms that represent hobbies or interests.


  • Rhinestones: Use adhesive rhinestones for sparkle.
  • Sequins: Incorporate sequins for extra shine.

Decorative Items:

  • Mini Pom-Poms: Attach small pom-poms for a playful touch.
  • Feathers: Add colorful feathers for texture and flair.

LED Lights:

  • Battery-Operated Lights: Integrate lights to make your mum stand out at night.


  • Shiny or Glittery Stickers: Use stickers that match your theme or school spirit.