Returns and Exchange Policy

(Last Updated May 20, 2023)

All products are considered seasonal items which makes our products nonrefundable.

  1. Refunds and Store Credit
  2. Exchanges
  3. Cancelations
  4. Nonrefundable
  5. The "Karen" Policy - New
  6. Disputes
  7. Support

Refunds and Store Credit

As of January 1, 2023 we will be initiating store credit. Normally our items are nonrefundable however in the event that:

  • We make a mistake on your order, (Refund)
  • An item you've paid for is not in stock, (Refund)
  • Shipping charge changes - Store credit will be issued.

We will issue a refund back to your original payment method.

Store credit will show on your "My Account" page and can be used at checkout.


  • Products can be exchanged with prior authorization.
  • Shipping charges on exchanges are the responsibility of the customer. Both shipping back to us and the new product shipping to you.
  • Products exchanged for lesser value than the original will be give via store credit only.
  • Products higher than the original item, the difference must be paid. A customer service representative will call you.
  • No refunds and or store credit given on items of exchange.
  • Please file a support ticket to initiate an exchange BEFORE shipping any items.

To file a Support Tickets for initiating an exchange items:

  • Go to the "My Account" page,
  • Click "Order"
  • Click "Support Ticket"

Cancelations Policy

We have had many abuse the Cancelation Policy, there for we are making changes. As of January 1, 2023 we will only allow cancelations with the following:

  • Orders that are made less than 24 hours from ordering, AND
  • Orders that have NOT shipped yet, AND
  • Orders that fall in both of the above will be subject to store credit only.

We will no longer honor "accidental ordering, "I don't need it anymore" cancellations. As with Platforms like Amazon and Etsy, who are no longer honoring these types of cancellations either as of 2023.

Cancellations will not incur a restock fee, however refunds will only be done to store credit for any approved cancellations.


All sales are final. No refunds will be given on any of our items including shipping. By purchasing our products, you agree to this policy.

This policy is clearly stated for all customers, as required by all banks and credit processors.

   No Refunds: 

  • Item arrived late
  • I accidently ordered
  • My child didn't have my permission.
  • I ordered when drunk.
  • No longer need
  • I ordered too many
  • I changed my mind
  • I ended up purchasing this item(s) locally.
  • I ended up having one made.
  • I ordered from another company
  • Or any other reason. All sales are seriously final.

All Sales are Final

We are seasonal and like all other seasonal goods, all sales ARE final.


Once the item(s) has shipped it is now in the hands of the carrier and THEIR responsibility to get it to you in the time frame you paid for. We agree to ship within the time frame set on our "Ship Times" page, and if we can't we will let you know and give you a choice on how to proceed. However we do NOT take responsibility after an item ships. Our liability ends. By purchasing from us, you understand that part of your money, even when using free shipping is used to "hire" a carrier and purchase shipping on your behalf and it is on them to keep up their end.

The No "Karen" Policy

Unfortunately, because of those few bad apples we are enforcing The No "Karen" Policy. This policy simply means, that we will be courteous and expect the same behavior out of our customers. We do not believe that because you paid for a product that you then have the right to treat us with disrespect and demand. We are people too, with families just like you. Because of the way that others have treated us, issuing physical threats, and unimaginable demands we now use a ticket system for support to our customers and for the sanity of our customer service team.

Therefore, as of January 2023, we have adopted The No Karen Policy, which states that we will treat every customer with respect and expect the same. We will remain calm, and expect our customers to do the same. If for any reason a customer issues threats of ANY kind, whether it be to withhold payment, issues dispute, physical harm, stalking, or any other behavior that is uncivil we will then refuse the sale, refuse service, and or withhold store credit or refund if we see fit. We have only had to use these tactics ONCE in all the years we've been in business, however if we do need to enact it again, we will. By purchasing our products on this platform or any other, you are agreeing to the terms.


Note: Any customer attempting to go around our policies such as attempting to cancel a payment via PayPal dispute, using their bank to dispute etc, we will file disputes with the payment provider, and we have won 100% of the time because we have posted our policies in plain sight and by buying from our website you agree that our products are nonrefundable.


Current Customers: If you need to contact us about an order you placed,

  • Go to the "My Account" page and sign in,
  • Click "Order"
  • Click "Support Ticket"

Future Customers: If you have a question about an item before you purchase or other general questions,

  • Go to the menu and click Support
  • Follow the prompts to submit a questions.

Please note, both current and future customers, there is a limit on how many characters you can write in either support tickets. This helps us answer you faster. After years of customers leaving "books" for us to read before getting to the question, it keeps you from having to write so much and us from having to read so much to help you quicker. We hope you understand.

Lastly, One ticket at a time is allowed. The system will not allow more than one ticket to filed at a time.