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Top 10 Ribbons To Use For Homecoming Mums

Top 10 Ribbons To Use For Homecoming Mums

Homecoming Mum Ribbon has changed a lot over the years. What used to be strictly acetate / floral water proof ribbon or metallic mylar ribbon has expanded. The ribbon used for homecoming mums today vary and can be chosen for both ease of use and personal preference.

  1. Mum Base Ribbon – Base ribbon are the streamers that flow out the bottom of the mum. The ribbon most popular ribbon for bases is acetate 1.5 to 2.5 inches wide. Satin can also be used, it is a more expensive alternative.
  2.  Acetate Imprint Ribbon – This is the ribbon made out of acetate and has words like “Homecoming”, or ‘Senior”.
  3.  Transparent or Sheer Ribbon – Sheer ribbon is used for both the mum head and in the streamers. Some use them on the top of all the streamers, some customers use sheer ribbon as a filler to poof out the middle of the mum streamers.
  4.  Pattern Ribbons – Pattern Ribbons can refer to everything from checkered ribbon to polka dot to sports ribbon. These ribbons display the interest of the mum wearer.
  5. Decorative Ribbon – Come wired, or unwired, basically, any ribbon that you deem as attractive or pretty. Decorative ribbon used in anyway you like.
  6.  Activity Ribbon – In mums, these can be sports, ROTC, band, dance, cheer etc. The activities that the mum wearer is involved in both in and out of school.
  7.  Alternative Ribbon – What is this? Rhinestone strands, pearls, garland, string of stars, or shapes. Even burlap or lace. Alternative ribbon is usually one of the things that makes a homecoming mum pop.
  8.  Ribbon Trim – A little used gem is ribbon trim. Trim is thinner and are used sometimes to make mum bows, line a mum braid or add an extra detail.
  9.  Textured Ribbon – The soft velvet, the mesh, the honeycomb, all the ribbon that have the feel of something different. Not only do textured ribbon change the look of the mum but the feel too


10.  Plastic Ribbon – Most don’t realize that ribbon doesn’t have to be cloth or textile, in mums they can even be plastic! Sometimes simply just colored strips, but usually it’s imprinted with patters, activities or even designs.

There are hundreds of thousands of ribbons, don’t be afraid to be creative, to use what you have or experiment with something new.

Mum on!

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